Southern California Edison NCI Training Programs

Southern California Edison has partnered with National Comfort Institute to offer subsidized training for HVACR contractors that service SCE residential and commercial customers.

Please read below for the courses that are offered and to register:

Explore HVAC

Explore HVAC Field Performance

In this two-hour course, you'll learn how to measure and interpret Total External Static Pressure and start on the path to understanding fan airflow and solving hidden airflow problems.

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics

Want to add $2,000 to $3,000 to every residential installation at incredible 60 to 70% gross profit margins? Take this 1-day training to find out how!

Refrigerant-Side Performance

Refrigerant-Side Performance

What if everything you thought you knew about diagnosing and solving refrigeration-side performance problems may not be totally correct? Learn about the better way to solve comfort issues in this 2-day course.

Duct System Optimization & Air Balancing

Duct System Optimization & Residential Air Balancing

In this 2-day course, learn how to deliver high quality, profitable duct system renovations that really work! Optional day 3 is dedicated to Residential Air Balancing, the industry-standard - available only from NCI.

System Performance & Air Balancing

Residential HVAC System Performance & Air Balancing

This 2-day course provides the keys to delivering true system performance, leading to enhanced comfort, safety, and energy efficiency for your customers. Optional day 3 is dedicated to Residential Air Balancing, available only from NCI.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Combustion Performance & Carbon Monoxide Safety

Without full combustion performance & CO safety training, there is no way of knowing whether a system is safe or efficient. With this 3-day course, not only will you be saving lives by becoming CO Certified, but you will find new sales opportunities & greater profit.

Performance-Based Selling

Performance-Based Selling Bootcamp

Invest three days in learning a revolutionary sales process that will help you achieve the business results you've always dreamed about.

Commercial Air Balancing

Commercial Air Balancing

This 3-day certification course helps equip HVAC professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to balance commercial HVAC systems up to 20 tons, including Kitchen Exhaust and Make-Up Air systems.

Commercial System Performance

Commercial System Performance

This 2-day course will show you how to deliver true system performance. It opens the door for greater opportunities for your company, including true differentiation, greater revenues, and higher profits.


Optimize Economizer Performance

Learn to effectively test, diagnose, and sell economizer improvements to customers


Introduction to Hydronic Testing, Adjusting & Balancing

This 2-day course is an intensive training program that begins with the very basics, then moves up to advanced testing and balancing procedures required for everyday applications.


National Balancing Council

This week-long course provides thorough diagnostics that allow technicians to pinpoint system defects and deficiencies and make accurate, knowledgeable recommendations to achieve optimum performance. Only NBC offers this in-depth level analysis of your environmental systems.

Upcoming Training & Events

Performance-Based Selling - SCE
Apr 21 thru Apr 23 in Los Alamitos, CA
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