Marge is the Administrative Services Manager for NCI and some of her job responsibilities include registration for training and conferences, CEU processing, and overseeing the Administrative Department. She joined NCI in October 2001 after her 25 years with Penton Media (originally called Industrial Publishing Company). While at Penton, Marge held various positions - first in the steno pool (anyone remember what that was) and then on various magazines with job responsibilities that included general clerical, research, assistant to the sales manager, advertising production manager and, ultimately, registration manager for the HVAC Comfortech trade show event owned by Contracting Business Magazine.

Fun Fact:
Marge is currently the Treasurer of the United States Polka Association - a position she's held for 25 years. As she says, "I have met the most wonderful and enjoyable people from across the US and Canada-people I consider my friends. One of the more fascinating things I find is how family-oriented this organization is and to see all the pre-teens and teens learning how to dance and sing in polish when other kids their age are listening to rap, hip-hop, rock, alternative rock etc."