Steve has been involved in the development and maintenance of technical curriculum at NCI since 2006, creating manuals, course materials, and web-based programs He has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, including nearly 20 years in the training and development area. During that time he has overseen and participated in development of comprehensive training for all phases of an HVAC contracting business. Steve's professional background includes a number of years in training and development for a major manufacturer, as well as a nation-wide HVAC sales force.

In addition to his training experience, Steve has been on the management side of contracting, holding a State of Texas Class A HVAC Contractor's License for many years. That experience has helped him recognize and understand the training needs of the industry from up close. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, and a Master of Arts degree in Human Sciences, with an adult learning emphasis. With over 10 years with NCI, Steve enjoys contributing to bringing new training methods, knowledge, and technology to the HVAC industry.

Fun Fact:
Steve is an avid traveler, having visited 48 states, as well as numerous countries in Europe and Asia