Jim Ball has been involved in the HVAC industry all his life. His dad started Ball Heating and Air in 1964 and Jim spent his school breaks and summer vacation working in the business, helping wherever there was a need. After finishing Mississippi State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jim spent a few years in Chemical Plants working on rotating equipment then came back to the family business. Ball Heating and Air had a strong maintenance plan with influence from Ron Smith.

Jim has been a long time NCI shining star and one of the most effective implementers of High Performance HVAC in his company. Jim recently sold his family HVAC service company and looks to give back to the industry through contributing his knowledge and experience with NCI. Jim hopes to help those involved with NCI to move forward with the implementation of performance-based processes.

NCI has recognized Jim's status in the industry as NCI Contractor of the Year, and he also received the Chairman's Award and The John Garofalo Implementation Excellence Award at Summit in the past.

Fun Fact:
Jim and his wife Seneca spent a week in the waters around Miami, Florida getting their American Sailing Association certifications. After a week in a sailing catamaran in June, the top priority for their future sailboat is air conditioning.