Casey joined NCI with 10 years of residential, light commercial installation and service experience. He is NCI's newest field coach based in Southern California, where he will be working alongside southern California Edison's Quality installation contractors.

Casey entered the HVAC industry thru his father's HVAC company in 2005. The company's main focus was residential new construction and that is where he learned the basics of installing and commissioning and servicing HVAC systems.

He was responsible for the add-on-replacement and commissioning through the SCE QI program along with the CQR program. He also managed the service department, where he had the opportunity to implement NCI's test procedures into every service and preventive maintenance call, which resulted in being very affective in sales growth and in technician knowledge and professionalism. In recent years he's developed a passion for training others and seeing their growth in the industry.

Fun Fact:
Casey says he enjoys working on cars, trucks, and home improvement. He also loves fishing and being in the outdoors.