NCI Training Bucks Program

An easy way to earn big discounts on future training!

The NCI Training Bucks program is our way of rewarding you for your investment in ongoing NCI training. You can earn NCI Training Bucks in a number of different ways, and use them for virtually all your training needs.

Three Ways To Earn NCI Training Bucks

1. Purchase seats in training classes: In addition to member discounts, Members earn 5 NCI Training Bucks for every $100 in training purchases. By subscribing to our Learning Excellence Live, Online or Premium Memberships you’ll earn 15 NCI Bucks for every $100 in training purchases. When you purchase training seats, your earned Bucks will be automatically added to your account upon completion of the training.

2. Bonus Bucks with NCI’s Learning Excellence Member Options: Learning Excellence package subscribers get 100 NCI Training Bucks credited into their account every month as long as they are current on their monthly or annual dues.  Learning Excellence Live and Learning Excellence Premium get 350 NCI Training Bucks every month.

3. Earn Bucks with NCI’s Training Incentive Partner Program (TIPP): In this program our vendor partners deposit incentive dollars in the form of NCI Bucks into accounts created for each member company. Our industry partners contribute to this account based on your purchases. You can use these funds to pay for any live NCI training class, online training, or conference.

How To Redeem NCI Training Bucks

1. NCI Training Bucks can be used towards the purchase of any NCI training, whether technical or non-technical.

2. They can be applied to all NCI educational events - Classes, conferences, even onsite training. You still get the best possible pricing offered at your level of membership.

3. Whenever you inquire about or purchase training, we will let you know how many NCI Bucks are in your account (you can also find your available Bucks in your profile,) and you can choose how much of your training fund you want to apply to that particular training event. For example, if you have accumulated $1,500 in your NCI Bucks account, and you want to register for a training event that costs $400, you can choose to apply $400 of your fund to that training and pay nothing, or for example choose to apply 200 NCI Bucks and pay only $200.

It's that simple and completely your choice on how many NCI Bucks you want to apply to any given training purchase.

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NCI Training Bucks?
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