ComfortMaxx Verify

  • Generate leads for system renovations and improvements
  • Differentiates you from competitors
  • Easy-to-read visual reports for your customers
  • Takes less than 10 minutes on a service call
  • Adds credibility to your testing
  • Simplifies air diagnostic testing
  • Improves technician testing accuracy
  • Consistent testing process across all your field people
  • Provides baseline data to compare to test-out
  • Monitor your technicians' test results
  • Perform ComfortMaxx Air or Verify tests
  • Create multiple detailed printable PDF contractor reports including side-by-side test-in and test-out comparisons
  • Share in-depth visual reports with your customers.

ComfortMaxx Verify™ Just $145/month unlimited users and tests*

ComfortMaxx Verify™ is the ultimate in total HVAC System Performance measurement. By performing a test-in before you begin renovation work, and a test-out after the work is complete and the system is balanced, you can provide your customer with a side-by-side comparison report showing that you delivered what was promised.

*Add full NCI Membership for just $5.00 per month!

All Comfortmaxx™ Subscriptions include:

  • Test virtually every type of split and packaged unit system
  • Separate Heating and Cooling Tests
  • Track your customer information – for single or multiple locations
  • Multiple systems per location
  • Unlimited Users (must be NCI certified)
  • Unlimited Residential or Commercial Locations
  • Unlimited Tests per location
  • Full equipment inventory on each system set up
  • Customer Report language based on location type - Residential or Commercial
  • Cloud-based subscription with no hidden costs
  • Full toll-free technical support