Performance Based Contracting™ Boot Camp Implementation

Performance Based Contracting™ Boot Camp Implementation Program

(Formerly PBC Fast Track Implementation)

This highly interactive program focuses on every aspect of integrating Performance-Based Contracting™ in your company. We cover how to implement this high-differentiation approach at every level and with every employee in a contracting company. The program balances the technical aspects of implementation with the business and sales aspects to help insure smooth integration of PBC into a company's culture.

The four day program, held at NCI's Cleveland Training Center will cover five key steps to Implementing Performance-Based™ Contracting into your company:

  1. How to market and perform HeatMaxx and CoolMaxx Testing to differentiate your tuneups and demand service and make performance testing part of every service call.
  2. Implementing the HeatMaxx™ and CoolMaxx™ lead generation process.
  3. How to train your salespeople and implement a Performance-Based selling process to sell system renovations and replacements.
  4. Integrating the installation and test out process to complete your work and prove delivered performance.
  5. How to Instill the Performance-Based approach into every aspect and role in your business. You'll gain a good understanding of the knowledge and business and technical tools needed for each of your employees to get everyone on the same page.

Additionally, on the first day we will review the key testing processes, including the hands-on training that will teach you what your technicians and installers need to do in the field to diagnose systems, generate leads, make the corrections and perform final testing and balancing.

"For some time now, I've been attempting to make this work on a full scale level in my company. Now I have the tools I need to make that happen," -- Jim Altman of Four Seasons Htg. & Air in Kingsville, TX.

If you're an aspiring Performance-Based Contractor™ or just want to take it to the next level in your company, our Fast-Track Implementation class can help you achieve your goals in making Performance-Based Contracting part of your company's culture. In today's highly competitive marketplace, this may be just the differentiator you need to take your company to a new level of performance and profitability.

Program Overview

Day 1

Orientation, Overview and Hands-On Testing

  • Welcome, Overview and NCI Introductions
  • Review of Performance-Based Contracting™
      - What is it, how can it help your company differentiate itself?
      - How can it help you grow your business and profits?
  • HeatMaxx™, CoolMaxx™ and PerfortMaxx™ Testing Processes, Forms, and Procedures
      - A start to finish review of the process from initial testing through lead generation, sales, installation and follow up service
  • Hands-on Testing with HeatMaxx™, CoolMaxx™ and PerfortMaxx™
      - Learn exactly what your techs and installers will be doing to implement your Performance-Based approach

Day 2

Performance-Based Marketing and Sales

  • Performance-Based Marketing and Lead Generation
      - Performance-Based leads generally close at rate of 70-80% with double digit net profits - learn how to generate these leads through CoolMaxx™ and HeatMaxx™ testing
  • Lead Handling and Appointments
      - Turning leads into appointments is what gets you sales. This section covers how to handle Performance-Based leads and set up high quality appointments for your comfort advisors
  • Performance-Based Selling Through Education and Testing
      - A step by step review of Performance-Based Selling process
  • Writing and Presenting The Proposal
      - Learn how to write proposals that educate and sell, yet are hard for your competitors to "comparison-bid."
  • After The Sale - Before Installation
      - Review of the steps needed to insure a smooth transition that allows you to efficiently deliver what was sold.

Day 3

Installation, Test-Out, & Balancing - Maintaining Performance

  • Installation and System Renovation
      - Practical training on how to perform system renovations and deliver on the performance promise
  • Testing Out - PerforMaxx™ and ComfortMaxx™
      - Where the rubber meets the road - your final test out and balance can make or break a project - learn the do's and don'ts of Performaxx™ testing. You'll also learn about our ComfortMaxx™ online system certification program.
  • Maintaining System Performance
      - Your opportunity goes beyond the initial sale to maintaining along-term relationship with your customer by insuring they continue to enjoy the peak performance you provided them with. Learn how to monitor and adjust performance as the years go by.

Day 4

Implementation Planning, Training and Tools

  • Implementing Performance-Based Contracting™ into Your Company Culture
      - Learn how to integrate a Performance-Based mindset into your company
  • Employee Training - All levels
      - Every employee will need some retraining to match your Performance-Based culture
  • Tools and Instruments
       - The right tools in the right hands allow you to efficiently and profitably do performance testing. The wrong tools can make the process tedious and expensive.
  • Forms, Procedures, Collateral Materials
      - Learn how documentation and the right materials can make all the difference in tracking performance and helping your customers understand what they're getting
  • Review and Implementation Plan Writing
      - This final step pulls the entire 4-day program together. In this interactive section, the class will work on their own individual implementation plans as a group. You'll leave the program with the steps you will personally need to take to move forward.

Registration fees include tuition, manuals, training materials, recertification, meals and local transportation.

Nonmember Price: $1,995
Member Price: $1,895

NCI Bucks Technical Excellence Members Earn $95 NCI Bucks!
Business Members Earn $284 NCI Bucks!

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