Residential Air Balancing
Residential Air Balancing Certification

Residential Air Balancing

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Once you're trained in Duct System Optimization and/or Residential HVAC System Performance, you can provide Certified Air Balancing on your installations with this additional day of training and testing:

  • More and more HVAC and energy professionals are discovering the importance of testing and balancing their installations for maximum system comfort and efficiency.
  • Many building departments and utility programs now require balancing reports.
  • Your ability to air balance your customers' HVAC systems will keep you ahead of the competition!


  • Enhance your company's professional reputation with NCI's exclusive nationally recognized Residential Air Balancing certification and establish yourself in your marketplace as the true air balancing expert
  • Increase revenue and profitability by offering professional in-house balancing services at margins far above the average service and equipment replacement margins
  • Improve your ability to comply with new, tighter local, state and federal building codes and energy requirements
  • Reduce system performance issues and energy consumption while improving comfort, IAQ, and customer satisfaction
  • Establish yourself in your marketplace as a true airbalancing expert, and the go-to professional to solve long-standing problems

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Residential Air Balancing Program Overview

Testing & Balancing Residential Systems

(Must have current Residential Air Balancing Certification or take the first 2 days of System Performance or Duct Optimization)

• History and purposes of balancing
• Measuring static pressure
• Using a balancing hood
• Performing an airflow traverse
• Preparing for a balancing project
• Setting fan airflow
• Air test and balance procedures
• Overcoming obstacles in the field
• Final testing and documentation

*This special offer is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in San Diego Gas & Electric's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification.

Call 800-633-7058 for registration options. Or visit the Duct System Optimization page or Residential System Performance for 3-day bundle options.

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