NCI's Commercial Air Balancing Program

Commercial Air Balancing

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This completely redesigned Commercial Air Balancing Certification course helps equip HVAC professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to balance commercial HVAC systems up to 20 tons, including Kitchen Exhaust and Make-Up Air systems.

Deliver High Quality Air Balancing Services and Professional Reports

An increasing number of HVAC and energy professionals are discovering the importance of testing and balancing their installations. Many are also recognizing the opportunity to provide independent balancing services. Additionally more and more code officials, building departments and utility programs are requiring certified balancing reports for both new construction and replacement and renovation work.

This class is also ideal for facility management professionals and on-staff service techs who need to test and balance systems within their plants and commercial facilities.

NCI's completely updated 3-day program gives the HVAC professional a comprehensive education on the airside testing and adjusting processes needed to maximize air delivery and overall performance. We start with the basics of pressure, temperature and air flow testing and build up to more complex air balancing techniques.

Why NCI's Air Balancing Training is Different

Our Air Balancing training was created from the ground-up based on many years of actual field experience, practical NCI standards, and simplification of often complex engineering concepts and terminology. For example, this class will help you understand what fan laws do, how they work, and how using them to make pulley adjustments affects system balance. You'll also learn how to overcome the common obstacles you'll run into in the field while adjusting and balancing most commercial systems. By passing the Exam on Day 3, you will earn NCI's exclusive Commercial Air Balancing Certification for systems up to 20 tons

NCI is the world leader in HVAC System Performance training and Air Balancing. We built the industry's best practices, processes and forms, and have been teaching them for nearly two decades!

Who should attend?
• HVAC Professionals
• Energy Raters
• Energy Improvement Contractors
• Builders
• Facility Managers & Technicians
• Engineers
• Property Managers
• NCI Certified Air Balancer

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Commercial Air Balancing Program Overview

The Key Elements of Air Balancing

  • Commercial Air Balancing Overview
  • NCI Commercial Air Balance Specification
  • Estimating and Selling Balancing Work
  • Preparing for a Balancing Project
  • Static Pressure Testing
  • Static Pressure Profiles
  • Traversing Airflow
  • Electrical and RPM Testing

Balancing Principles, Techniques and Reporting

  • Fan Laws - Effects of Changes in Pulley Diameter, Static Pressure, Amp Draw and Horsepower
  • Measuring and Adjusting Register and Grille Airflow
  • Proportional Balancing
  • Temperature Testing and Final Testing
  • Publishing the Final Report
  • Review ComfortMaxx™ Software

Economizers and Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Economizer Fundamentals
  • Measure and Adjust Economizer Airflow
  • Kitchen Exhaust System Fundamentals
  • Kitchen Exhaust System Balancing and Reporting
  • Exercises with ComfortMaxx™ software

The day concludes with NCI's exclusive Commercial Air Balancing certification exam (optional)


Commercial Air Balancing Program Pricing

Commercial Air Balancing Program

Commercial Air Balancing Program

Nonmember Price: $895 ($800 training + $95 certification)
SDGE Contractor Price: $50 per day ($150)*

Commercial Air Balancing Recertification

Commercial Air Balancing Recertification

Nonmember Price: $425
SDGE Contractor Price: $50 per day*


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