About NCI

About National Comfort Institute, Inc.

National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) is an organization that provides heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical contractors with a focused offering of services and tools to help them improve their businesses, differentiate themselves, grow, and become more profitable. NCI accomplishes this through membership groups and by providing unique business management, sales, marketing and technical tools, training, support and coaching - all designed with the goal of helping customers to differentiate their companies through measured performance, quality and value.

NCI coined the phrase “Performance-Based Contracting™ which describes NCI's unique approach that originated with delivering measured performance in HVAC systems to consumers. This term was later expanded to further describe how contractors manage their businesses through accountability and measurable results. Performance-Based Contracting™ is as much about changing a company’s culture as it is proving that you did what you said you were going to do.

To read more about Performance-Based Contracting™, go to www.WhyPBC.com and see for yourself!

Upcoming Training & Events

Duct System Optimization
Aug 22 thru Aug 23 in Cleveland, OH
Commercial Air Balancing Certification Program
Aug 29 thru Aug 31 in Los Alamitos, CA
Duct System Optimization
Aug 29 thru Aug 30 in Lansing, MI
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