Residential Air Balancing
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Residential Air Balancing

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Once you're trained in Duct System Optimization and/or Residential HVAC System Performance, you can provide Certified Air Balancing on your installations with this additional day of training and testing:

  • More and more HVAC and energy professionals are discovering the importance of testing and balancing their installations for maximum system comfort and efficiency.
  • Many building departments and utility programs now require balancing reports.
  • Your ability to air balance your customers' HVAC systems will keep you ahead of the competition!


  • Enhance your company's professional reputation with NCI's exclusive nationally recognized Residential Air Balancing certification and establish yourself in your marketplace as the true air balancing expert
  • Increase revenue and profitability by offering professional in-house balancing services at margins far above the average service and equipment replacement margins
  • Improve your ability to comply with new, tighter local, state and federal building codes and energy requirements
  • Reduce system performance issues and energy consumption while improving comfort, IAQ, and customer satisfaction
  • Establish yourself in your marketplace as a true airbalancing expert, and the go-to professional to solve long-standing problems

To qualify for the Residential Air Balancing training, student must hold a current NCI certification (or must be registered to complete a class and certification exam), in one of the following disciplines:

  • Duct System Optimization
  • Residential System Performance

Important: To qualify for NCI's Certified Residential Air Balancer designation student must pass the exam plus hold a current certification in one of the following disciplines:

  • Duct System Optimization
  • Residential System Performance

What you get:

  • 8 hours of live training.
  • A printed workbook
  • A portable Field Reference Guide designed to help you perform field testing and diagnostics
  • Numerous downloadable materials including NCI's exclusive Test Procedures; Fan Performance and Duct Sizing Tables; Pre-balance checklist; Duct Traverse forms, charts, and procedures; Grille Correction Factors; Certification Letters; Test Instrument Spec Sheets; Manufacturers Engineering Data Locators; Air Balancing Report Forms; and more – 23 downloads in all!
  • By completing this class, you qualify to take NCI's Residential Air Balancing certification exam
  • Qualify for 8 NCI Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for recertifying one existing NCI certification (additional recertification fees apply).

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Residential Air Balancing Training Program Overview

Testing & Balancing Residential Systems

(Must have a current Residential Air Balancing Certification or Duct System Optimization Certification or take the first 2 days of Residential System Performance or Duct System Optimization)
  • Introduction and Webinar Logistics
  • History and Purposes of Balancing
  • Airflow Traverse – Part 1
  • Airflow Traverse – Part 2 - with hands-on demo
  • Preparing for System Balancing
  • Air Test and Balance Procedures - with hands-on demo
  • Overcoming Balancing Obstacles
  • Final Testing and Documentation
  • Residential Air Balancing Training Fees (Certification fees not included)

    Training Only - Nonmember Price: $495
    Training Only - Member Price: $470

    NCI Bucks NCI Members Earn $23 NCI Bucks!
    Learning Excellence Program Subscribers Earn $70 NCI Bucks!

    Residential Air Balancing Certification Fees:

    Certification exams: $95 per exam

    NCI certifications are valid for two years. Recertification is achieved with 8 hours of NCI continuing education.


    Up to 8 NCI Recertification hours are also available with this class – Call Customer Care at 800-633-7058 to enroll in Recertification. CLICK HERE to view qualifying Recertifications for this class.

    Recertification Fees: With paid Residential Air Balancing class and certification exam above: Add $95 per 8-hour qualifying recertification – maximum one recertification.

    Recertification Training Fees: Recertification-only - 8-hours of Residential Air Balancing training (training only - no certification exam): $425

    Continuing Education Credit

    This class qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for NATE and BPI recertification, and for licensing CEUs in several states. CLICK HERE To learn more.

    Due to prequisites, you must Call 800-633-7058 for registration options. Or visit the Duct System Optimization page or the Residential System Performance page for 3-day bundle options.

    Upcoming Training Events:

    Residential HVAC System Performance & Air Balancing Certification Program

    Sep 07 thru Sep 09 Lansing MI
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