Advanced Air & Hydronic Balancing Certification
Large Commercial Air Balancing & Hydronic Certification

Advanced Air & Hydronic Balancing Certification

Designed to Ensure Integrity, Accuracy, and Repeatability of Test Results


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Learn the Principles of Quality Testing, Adjusting, Balancing, and System Diagnostics

This course is NCI's most advanced air and hydronics balancing class. Participants may attend the course for educational purposes only or can choose to achieve certification by participating in and passing eight hours of written and practical examinations (on the final day.)

Experienced commercial balancers seeking advanced air and hydronics training will learn how to diagnose and balance larger and more complex HVAC systems.

NCI has developed more than 60 practical testing and balancing procedures that certified professionals employ in the field. These practical standards ensure systems will be tested and balanced with integrity, accuracy, and most critically, repeatability of the test results.

Class Prerequisites:

This is an advanced training program for trained and certified Air Balancers. To register, you must have a minimum of two years air balancing experience and an NCI Commercial Air Balancer certification or equivalent.

It is also highly recommended that you take the following training and certification exams prior to attending this class:

The Highest Standard in Actual Delivered System Performance Analysis

Written and field exams follow training. Upon successful completion of all coursework and passing the exams, you will receive the NCI Advanced Air & Hydronic Balancing certification.

This is the only certification of its kind.

To qualify for this NCI advanced certification, you must first meet the following criteria:

Certification Approval Criteria

  • Five years of air balancing experience
  • NCI Commercial Air Balancer certification
  • Agreement to maintain professional conduct and follow NCI procedural standards and industry best Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) practices
  • Agreement to have access to test instruments meeting NCI guidelines
  • Committment to maintain current certificates of instrument calibration
  • Agreement to meet each project’s specified instrument and calibration requirements.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase registration with Certification Exam (order will be processed when approved).
Step 2: After purchase, you will receive a link to complete our online application for certification. 
Step 3: Complete and submit the application.
Step 4: If you qualify, NCI will inform you of your successful application, and will process your order at that time.

NCI certifications are valid for two years. Recertification is achieved with 16 hours of NCI continuing education.

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Advanced Air & Hydronics Balancing Program Overview

  • Welcome, course logistics and introduction
  • NCI certifications - history and requiprements
  • NCI air procedural standards
  • Estimating a balancing project
  • Commercial duct air leakage testing
  • Static pressure testing
  • Duct traverses.
  • Balancing system airflow
  • Fan laws
  • Fan and electrical testing
  • Fan curves
  • Fume hood testing
  • Life safety - smoke evacuation and stairwells.
  • Commercial kitchen balancing
  • Economizer and outside balancing
  • VAV balancing and reporting procedures
  • Air changes per hour
  • Temperature and system delivered Btu
  • Air balancing and diagnostic report review.
  • Hydronic systems overview
  • Pump selection and sizing
  • Pumps and pump curves
  • Pump laws
  • Measure hydronic flow
  • Balance hydronic flow
  • Air balancing certification exam and field testing (optional)
  • Hydronic balancing certification exam and field testing (optional)


Advanced Air & Hydronic Balancing Program Pricing

Advanced Air & Hydronic Balancing 4-Day Training Fees

Nonmember Price: $1,495
Member Price: $1,420

NCI Bucks NCI Members Earn $71 NCI Bucks!
Learning Excellence Program Subscribers Earn $213 NCI Bucks!

Certification Fees:

Advanced Air & Hydronics certification exam (on day 5): $495

NCI certifications are valid for two years. Advanced Air & Hydronic recertification is achieved with 16 hours of NCI continuing education.


Up to 32 NCI recertification hours are also available with this class for other "air-side" certifications – Call Customer Care at 800-633-7058 to enroll in recertification. CLICK HERE to view qualifying recertifications for this class.

Recertification Fees: With paid Advanced Air & Hydronics class and certification exam above: Add $95 per 8-hour qualifying recertification – maximum four recertifications.

Recertification Training Fees: Recertification only- 8-hours of Advanced Air & Hydronics training (training included - no certification exam): $425 per Recertification

Call 800-633-7058 for Recertification Options

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