ComfortMaxx Air: Kickstart your performance-based business
ComfortMaxx Air

KICKSTART your Performance-based Business with ComfortMaxx Air™

  • Generate leads for airside renovations and improvements
  • Differentiates you from competitors
  • Easy-to-read visual reports for your customers
  • Takes less than 10 minutes on a service call
  • Adds credibility to your testing
  • Simplifies air diagnostic testing
  • Improves technician testing accuracy
  • Consistent testing process across all your field people
  • Provides baseline data to compare to test-out
  • Monitor your technicians' test results

ComfortMaxx Air™ Just $95/month unlimited users and tests*

This easy to use cloud-based testing tool allows you to record and calculate System Airflow information based on static pressure measurements.

You simply collect four system pressures at the indicated locations. Lookup airflow on the appropriate fan chart for the equipment brand – or use our generic chart.

The software provides both a detailed printable PDF "Contractor" report and a "Visual" Report designed for sharing with your customers.

*Add full NCI Membership for just $5.00 per month!

All Comfortmaxx™ Subscriptions include:

  • Test virtually every type of split and packaged unit system
  • Separate Heating and Cooling Tests
  • Track your customer information – for single or multiple locations
  • Multiple systems per location
  • Unlimited Users (must be NCI certified)
  • Unlimited Residential or Commercial Locations
  • Unlimited Tests per location
  • Full equipment inventory on each system set up
  • Customer Report language based on
  • Cloud-based subscription with no hidden costs
  • Full toll-free technical support

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Commercial Air Balancing Certification Program
Jan 23 thru Jan 25 in Los Alamitos, CA
Duct System Optimization
Jan 30 thru Feb 01 in New Hudson, MI
Duct System Optimization
Feb 06 thru Feb 08 in Tampa, FL
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