CO Monitor Reseller Program

NSI 3000 Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor Reseller Program

Our NSI 3000 Low-Level CO Monitor is more sensitive and accurate than a typical store-bought detector. Unfortunately, over-the-counter CO detectors simply don't protect the typical family - especially small children and the elderly. You can offer real protection to your customers by bringing this life-changing monitor to every service call.

The NSI 3000 Offers Real Protection Through These Features:

  • NSI 3000 Reseller ProgramContinuous scan mode that lets you know the monitor is checking for carbon monoxide 24/7
  • Digital display showing CO levels as low as 5 ppm
  • Audible alarm alerting you to CO levels as low as 15 ppm (every 8 seconds)
  • Elevated alarm level when CO levels reach 35 ppm (every 4 seconds)
  • Crisis alarm (audible and visual) at 70 ppm (every 2 seconds)
  • 5 minute "Hush" button for levels below 70 ppm
  • Convenient design for either wall mount or portable use
  • Replaceable battery ensures operation even when power is out
  • 5 year limited warranty

The NSI 3000 Advantage

  • NSI 3000 provides protection for all age groups and conditions, especially infants, children, the elderly, and highly sensitive or ill persons. Other detectors barely provide protection for healthy adults.
  • NSI 3000 lets you know there is a problem before CO reaches dangerous, even deadly levels, long before the other monitors or detectors even begin to work.
  • NSI 3000 monitors employ the same electromechanical sensor technology found in professional carbon monoxide analyzers costing hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Our monitors are calibrated using actual CO, not by electronic guesswork.



This exclusive reseller program is only available to HVAC, plumbing and weatherization contractors only. Distributors, homeowners, facility managers and property management personnel must purchase the NSI 3000 through an authorized reseller.

If you are a current NCI registered user, please login to get started. Your NCI username and password is what you will use to access the training program. If you are new to the NCI site, we ask that you register to continue.

CO/Combustion Certified Contractors are already enrolled in the NSI 3000 Authorized Reseller Program.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Reseller for the NSI 3000 low-level carbon monoxide monitor. The NSI 3000 is one of the finest products on the market for providing maximum safety, protection, and peace of mind for your valued customers.

Because of the health and safety concerns involved in carbon monoxide-related issues, National Comfort Institute, Inc. has stringent requirements in place for any company desiring to sell and install the NSI 3000 monitor.

The following sections will walk you through the process of being approved as an Authorized Reseller. This process requires completion of our online training program. If you have questions, or need more information anywhere in the process, you can click on the "Contact Me" button and someone will contact you within one business day.

How the Approval Process Works

Once you have made the decision to apply for Authorized Reseller status, you'll proceed through a simple application, approval, and training process right here online.

Step 1: Complete the Authorized Reseller application form.
Step 2: Review the Terms & Conditions.
Step 3: Check the "I Agree" box at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions if you wish to proceed.
Step 4: Enter payment information where indicated. A $195 Fee will be applied, if you are approved.
Step 5: Click the "Confirm Order" button to submit your application to NCI.

Within two business days you will receive an email response to your application. If you are approved, the email will have a link to direct you to the online training program.

Step 6: Click on the link provided in your approval E-mail. You will be automatically directed to the online training program.
Step 7: Sign in to the training program using your NCI username and password.
Step 8: Complete the training program.

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a Welcome E-mail within three business days. You will also receive a $195.00 credit that can be applied toward NCI CO Safety and Combustion Certification Training, valid for 12 months. Also included you'll find contact information to place your first order for the NSI 3000 monitor (minimum initial order is 6 units).

Offer your customers a level of safety above and beyond the competition. Become a Reseller today!

Please note that our NSI 3000 Authorized Reseller Program is not valid as a recertification.