NCI Member Rewards Training Incentive Partner Program

NCI Member Rewards Training Incentive Partner Program

How would you llke to train your field installation and service technicians virtually for free? Member Rewards has a "TIPP" for you. It's called the Training Incentive Partnership Program.

TIPP puts your rebate dollars to work by converting them into NCI Bucks for immediate use to train your Performance-Based Contracting team.

Here’s how it works – all members in good standing are eligible to participate in TIPP. If you choose to do so, incentive dollars from our industry partners will be deposited into your training account in the form of NCI Bucks. You can use these funds to pay for any live NCI training class, online training, or conference.  As a member, NCI Bucks can reduce or even eliminate your training costs and are a key benefit of your membership. Click here to learn more about them.

Why is this such a great benefit? Let's face it, training is expensive in terms of time and money. TIPP is designed to help you earn money toward training through purchases of equipment, products, and services that you already buy from NCI industry partners. This offsets the costs of training, making it much more affordable. So when you do have the time to train your team, the dollars are already banked, ready to be used.

Furthermore, NCI Bucks are not taxable, so you are saving money over traditional rebate programs.

For a list of of NCI's industry partners, as well as an incentive payout schedule, read below.

Incentive Calendar

Incentive Calendar

The month following the close of each quarter, your incentive partners report member purchases to NCI. These amounts are then entered into your NCI Bucks account and a statement is generated, once per quarter, and then mailed for your review. You can see your current Bucks amount by clicking here.

Incentives are earned every quarter. NCI Bucks are deposited into your training fund as follows:

Monthly Purchases:
1st Quarter:
Jan, Feb, Mar
2nd Quarter:
April, May, June
3rd Quarter:
July, Aug, Sept
4th Quarter:
Oct, Nov, Dec
Prepared Statement Ending Date:
March 30th
June 30th
September 30th
December 31st
Incentive Deposit:

*Guiding Principles of the Rewards Program:

1. Must be enrolled and in good standing in the NCI Member Rewards Program in order to receive incentives.

2. Failure to remain current with any vendors will result in forfeiture of those incentives.