Duct System Optimization

Duct System Optimization

Air Distribution Diagnostics & System Renovation


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Test and Improve Poorly Performing HVAC Systems

Do you want to provide your customers the very best comfort and energy efficiency, as well as a safe and healthy indoor environment?

It's a known fact that typical air distribution systems across North America lose, on average, 43% of an HVAC system's efficiency.

Your customers don't have to live with these substandard systems. Now you can provide real solutions!

Learn how to deliver high quality, profitable duct system renovations that really work! Set yourself apart from competitors by knowing how to optimize a duct system so it delivers the heating and cooling the equipment was designed to provide. The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the existing duct system design, equipment sizing, followed by verification of real-time performance - not simulations.

You will then learn how to uncover air distribution upgrade opportunities to deliver the highest quality, comfort, and performance your customers want and are willing to pay for.

Unique HVAC Industry Certification

For the first time, the HVAC Industry has a certification that addresses the vital importance of ductwork in the overall performance of a mechanical system. By taking this class and passing the exam at the end of Day 2, you will earn the Duct System Optimization Specialist certification.

This is the only certification of its kind and once earned, will set you light years ahead of your competition. Add this to your company's portfolio of performance-based NCI certifications and deliver true system performance to all your customers.

NCI certifications are valid for two years. Recertification is achieved with 8 hours of NCI continuing education.

Duct System Optimization Program Overview

Introduction to Air Distribution Upgrade

  • Why you should upgrade a duct system
  • Three steps to uncover air distribution upgrade opportunities
  • Use static pressure to identify duct system restrictions
  • Determine fan capacity and fan airflow
  • How to generate customer interest
  • Show your customer how a balancing hood can help identify airflow issues in problem areas
  • How to create a floor plan and duct schematic
  • Document visible defects and needed changes
  • Establish airflow requirements
  • Estimate room airflow

Optimize the Duct System

  • How to use fan capacity and fan tables
  • Coil selection and filter sizing procedures
  • The importance of proper airflow
  • Debunk common airflow assumptions
  • Understand how air moves through duct
  • How to select the best duct fittings
  • Envision the ideal air distribution system
  • Duct renovation overview
  • How to select the right registers, grilles, and diffusers
  • Choose proper placement of registers grilles, and diffusers


Duct System Optimization Program Pricing

Duct System Optimization Program

Duct System Optimization Program

Nonmember Price: $625
Member Price: $595

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