Duct System Optimization

Duct System Optimization

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Cut design time by 70% and deliver profitable solutions to comfort and high bill complaints!

Tired of spending an hour or more doing load calculations before you even sell the job? NCI's proprietary PreLoad™ and EQVerify™ software (a $395 value) included with this class will help you perform an initial load calculation and determine correct equipment selection in 15 minutes or less!

Learn how to deliver accurate and profitable system renovations and retrofits that work.

The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system design and equipment sizing and verification of real-time performance. Next you'll learn the steps to redesign and renovate the system to deliver the quality, comfort and performance your customers want and deserve.

BONUS: Get two NCI Exclusive Design Programs - PreLoad™ and EQVerify™ - a $395 Value for No Extra Cost!

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Residential HVAC System Redesign & Renovation Program Overview

System Redesign and Renovation Basics, Retrofits and Load Calculations

  • Definition of renovation and retrofit and what the renovation process entails
  • How to apply diagnostics and air balancing techniques to system renovations
  • Interpreting ComfortMaxx™ test-in reports
  • How to develop a preliminary scope of work
  • PreLoad™ fast initial block load calculation software based on initial testing
  • Equipment sizing and selection
  • EQVerfiy™ existing equipment capacity verification for proper equipment sizing
  • Step-by-step duct redesign procedure
  • Duct renovation basics

Final Renovation Plans, Scope of Work, and Test-Out Process

  • How to identify critical system defects
  • Fan sizing, coil and filter pressure drops
  • Step-by-step duct renovation procedures
  • Grilles and Registers - diagnostics and retrofit
  • Creating a final scope of work
  • The hand-off: Turning the renovation over to the installation team
  • Performing a final test-out to verify your design is delivering the performance, efficiency and comfort you promised
  • Hands-on group exercises: System renovation from start to finish


Residential HVAC System Redesign & Renovation Program Pricing

Residential HVAC System Redesign & Renovation Program

Residential HVAC System Redesign & Renovation Program

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Member Price: $595

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