Combustion Performance & CO Safety

Combustion Performance & Carbon Monoxide Safety Training

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Without conducting full combustion and carbon monoxide (CO) diagnostics, there is no way of knowing whether an HVAC system is safe or efficient. Get the technical knowledge you need to improve customers’ system performance, prevent carbon monoxide (CO) hazards, and increase profitability. Then use that knowledge to perform combustion performance and safety tests.

Top 10 Skills You Will Learn By Taking This Class

  1. Measure ambient carbon monoxide levels
  2. Learn the corrective actions to take based on ambient carbon monoxide levels
  3. Identify common sources of carbon monoxide
  4. Determine proper combustion and draft test locations
  5. Measure carbon monoxide, oxygen, and temperature in flue gas
  6. Measure draft pressure
  7. Determine field-measured performance and efficiency of installed equipment
  8. Accurately measure equipment and system temperatures
  9. Uncover and identify specific mechanical defects
  10. Discuss potential repairs and adjustments to improve safety and efficiency


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Combustion Performance & CO Safety Program Overview

Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing & Diagnostics

  • Introduction to combustion performance
  • Proper combustion testing locations
  • Using safety and combustion test instruments
  • CO sources, levels, and protocols
  • NCI Combustion Performance Standards
  • Effects of combustion issues effect efficiency
  • Field-measured efficiency
  • How to diagnose fuel and mechanical problems

Combustion Performance & Diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting combustion air problems
  • Draft testing
  • Diagnosing venting problems
  • Seven common diagnostic issues
  • How to use the combustion troubleshooting chart
  • Combustion diagnostic procedures and reports
  • Combustion repairs, adjustments, and upgrades
  • Makeup air sizing and systems

CO/Combustion Review & Certification

  • Natural draft water heat repairs & adjustments
  • Induced draft furnace repairs & adjustments
  • Condensing furnace repairs & adjustments
  • Natural draft boiler repairs & adjustments
  • Hands-on exercises
You'll also complete a written certification exam to confirm your knowledge of combustion procedures and CO safety. Those successful in passing this exam receive a Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analyst Certification valid for two years. This is the most recognized certification of its kind in the industry.


Combustion Performance & CO Safety Program Pricing

Combustion Performance & CO Safety Days 1, 2 & 3

Combustion Performance & CO Safety 3 Day Training Prices:

Nonmember Price: $835
Member Price: $795

NCI Bucks NCI Members Earn $40 NCI Bucks!
Learning Excellence Program Subscribers Earn $119 NCI Bucks!

Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Recertification

Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Recertification

NCI's recertification training includes the very latest information on CO Safety & Combustion, including further understanding of tools and equipment and new forms and procedures to help you use your time efficiently.

NCI certifications are valid for 2 years. If you are coming up on expiration, please call NCI today to register for recertification at 800-633-7058. Our staff will go over options available to you.

Recertification: Combustion Performance & CO Safety 1 Day Training Prices:

Nonmember Price: $425
Member Price: $405

NCI Bucks NCI Members Earn $20 NCI Bucks!
Learning Excellence Program Subscribers Earn $61 NCI Bucks!

Call 800-633-7058 for Recertification Options


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"I loved the class on carbon monoxide and combustion analysis . I truly enjoyed it and it was honor to have been in your class."

-Dave Fonda, Senior Mechanic, County Fair Air Conditioning

"The NCI classes I took were very informative to me. CO is no joke! "

- Ron Warren
Technician, Davis Services, Inc.

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