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It takes focus on all 4 Dimensions of your business to achieve Double-Digit Net Profits:

Sales & Marketing
Service & Maintenance
Installation & Renovation
Business Management & Leadership

By managing your business with a watchful eye on each of these dimensions, the sky is the limit!

That's why in 2013, NCI took the Summit to a whole new level. It was more than a conference where members came to meet, network and attend breakout sessions on various topics related to their contracting business. Summit 2013 centered on a carefully planned series of workshops and events where a contractor focused on verified performance in every aspect of their business could connect all the dots.

At this year's Summit, attendees learned how to look at their businesses through NCI's exclusive 4-D Business Model to determine strengths and weaknesses. This process helped them determine at-a-glance which areas they need to focus on, and how to stay on the path to being the highest quality, most profitable HVAC contractor in their markets.

This was a Total Immersion Business Conference -- Not just the typical grouping of informative sessions, rather a real, deep-diving business training experience.

Four Dimensional Workshop Tracks

NCI teamed up business and technical coaches to lead each workshop, sharing unique tools and processes required to implement a plan tailored to a company's individual needs. Topics included important business and technical practices required to earn a Double-Digit Net Profit.

For each Dimensional Workshop Track, attendees worked through these important questions:

At the conclusion of each workshop track, participants walked away with a series of resources including:
  • What are the foundation blocks for building a successful department?
  • How can I evaluate my current business practices?
  • What are the most critical business practices I need to work on today?
  • What action plans do I need to put in place?
  • How do I measure the performance of my people and processes?
  • Top 10 Business Practice Summary Descriptions
  • Top 10 Business Practice Self-Evaluation Forms
  • Top 3 Critical Business Practices
  • Performance Action Plans for Top Critical Business Practices
  • Sample Score/Goal Boards to Track Performance
  • Contact Information For Like-Minded Contractors

Attendees chose two of the 4 Dimensional Workshop Tracks designed to give them the ability to carefully assess their business and technical practices, discover which building blocks will help them become more successful, and very importantly, practical steps for putting those building blocks in place.

Sales & Marketing Track Building Blocks
Session Leaders - Rob Falke, NCI President &
David Holt, NCI Director Sales & Service Leadership

Sales Presentation Storybook
Pricing Strategy & Systems
Customer Presentation Folder/Sales Sheets
Home Comfort Analysis
Technical Survey
Marketing Planner
Company Branding Program
KPIs for Sales
Sales Goal Boards

Installation & Renovation Building Blocks
Session Leaders - John Puryear, NCI Instructor & Bob Wilkins, Wilkins Mechanical Services

Standardized Installations
Duct Renovation Procedures
Quality Assurance Checklist
Installation Job Board
Job Staging Process
Test-Out Process
Safety Procedures
KPIs for Installation
Installation Goal Boards

Business Management & Leadership Building Blocks
Nita Brooks, NCI Business Solutions Development Manager &Sean McGorry, Wilkins Mechanical Services

Job Descriptions
Budgeting Process
Allocated Fringe Benefits
Business Models
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Debriefing Process
Performance Review Process
KPIs for CSRs, Dispatch, Accounting
Company Goal Boards

Service & Maintenance Track Building Blocks
Session Leaders - David Richardson, NCI Curriculum Developer & Instructor & John Garofalo, NCI Business Leadership

Call Turn Over Process
Full Diagnostics
Maintenance Agreement Kit
Service Stock Program
Full Disclosure
Performance Tune-Up & QuickCheck™
KPIs for Service/Maintenance
Service/Maintenance Goal Boards