NCI Annual Summit 2019 Review

NCI Summit 2019

NCI's High Performance HVAC Summit 2019

From April 15 to 18 2019, Performance-Based Contractors gathered from across the country to learn about the High-Performance Sales & Delivery Cycle, network, and discover opportunities to enhance their approach to HVAC contracting.

With record number of attendees, Summit 2019 was an education-packed fun time for all attendees! Check out the article in High-Performance HVAC Today for an in-depth review.

Special Events

NCI Idea Meeting

Attendees have the opportunity to join fellow contractors and share their latest and greatest ideas AND have a chance to win CASH prizes!

All contractor attendees are invited to present their ideas. ALL participants were winners, whether they choose to present an idea or not, as they benefitted from hearing all of the ideas shared in this learning environment!


The Idea Meeting this year is divided into three consecutive sessions, each taking about 30 minutes. Each session focuses on one of the following categories: Lead Generation, Sales Approach and Product Delivery – The key elements of your success in Home and HVAC Performance. Contractors present their best ideas on company practices, marketing, departmental processes, etc., in each of these categories!

This high-energy meeting is a perfect chance to hear fresh ideas from other successful contractors. It certainly stimulates additional conversations between peers.

The $20 cash entry fee, per attendee, is used to reward presenters of the best ideas! Three First Place Winners, one from each category, are voted on by all attendees in the Idea Meeting.

All cash collected from entry fees are split among the winners!

Member Rewards Reception and Tradeshow

Our Member Rewards Partners help make your membership and this conference possible. Show your appreciation by attending the trade show events. Who knows? You might find that next great product or idea!

Awards Banquet

This long-standing tradition is one of the highlights of every Summit. Join us in honoring the best of the best NCI members. You may be one of them!

Summit Workshops

Generate High Quality Leads With Performance Testing
Most homeowners (and competitors), are unaware that the average HVAC system performs at 57% efficiency. Static pressure testing and a few other quick measurements during service and maintenance visits are the best way to expose these poorly performing systems. Learn how to share this critical information with your customers to help them discover and understand the hidden problems that rob them of the comfort and efficiency they should be getting!
Speakers: Mike Hartman and David Richardson

Turn High-Performance Leads Into Appointments
While it’s true that “nothing happens until someone sells something”, no HVAC service or installation sale is ever made without first setting an appointment. When the customer has been handled well and properly prepared by the office staff, your sales and service team are better positioned to hit a home run during each appointment.
Speakers: Nancy McKeraghan and David Holt

Performance-Based Selling in 12 Steps: From Test to Proposal
A Performance-Based sales call is quite different from the typical industry sales processes that focus on just selling “boxes.” When executed correctly, it can be highly effective in closing more sales and delighting your customers. The key is doing the right things at the right time.
Speakers: Michael Hyde and Rob Falke.

The Handoff Can Make All the Difference
When sales closes a job, the next step is to get it installed. Do your install guys “roll their eyes” when they get the “work order”? Are they getting the right information to ensure a successful and profitable completion? The handoff can make or break the quality and profitability of your installations.
Speakers: Dawn Vickers-Mroczek and John Puryear

Become Your Local Carbon Monoxide Evangelist
Maintenance agreements are the lifeblood of every HVAC service and replacement business. The long-term relationship established with your customers provides a steady income stream that leads to greater business stability and future value.
Speakers: Jim Ball and Tom Johnson

Lodging Information

Please click to find out more about the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Austin - Official hotel of Summit 2018

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