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Commercial System Performance

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Find and repair commercial HVAC problems you never knew even existed!

Did you know NCI studies have shown the average commercial HVAC system only operates at 63% of rated capacity?

This NCI certification course is designed to help HVAC professionals correct this widespread problem. You'll learn how to test, diagnose problems, prepare a scope of work, and renovate commercial HVAC systems to perform the way they were intended.

Learn To Deliver Measured, Documented Performance!

This program will show you how to deliver true system performance. It also opens the door for greater opportunities for your company, including true differentiation, greater revenues, and higher profits to the bottom line.

Our practical field-based training will take you through how to measure, rate and improve the operating performance of the HVAC systems you design, sell, install, and service. First you'll learn how to assess the unseen properties of an HVAC system including airflow, temperature, pressure, and delivered Btus. With this new knowledge, you’ll find and repair problems you never even knew existed.

BONUS: Get NCI's exclusive Fan and Duct Sizing Tables, Fresh-Air Calculator, and a Manufacturers Engineering Data Locator at NO Extra Cost!

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Commercial System Performance Program Overview

The Key Elements of HVAC System Performance

  • Review performance of a typical HVAC system
  • Overview of test methods and instruments
  • Examine static pressure measurement, diagnostics, and repairs
  • How to diagnose and prescribe pressure repairs to improve performance
  • Airflow measurement, diagnostics, and repairs
  • Air capture hoods and duct traverse methods
  • Temperature testing, diagnostics, and repairs
  • How to apply Fan Laws to identify and solve performance issues

Measure, Diagnose, and Improve Poor Performance

  • Equipment and system Btu calculations
  • System performance using delivered Btu
  • Field design guidelines and tools
  • Estimate required airflow and assess fan capacity
  • Evaluate low-pressure duct systems
  • Proper filter, coil, register, and grille selection
  • Commercial system renovation opportunities
  • Identify and prescribe typical repairs
  • Prioritize and communicate needed renovation work to customers
The day concludes with NCI's exclusive Commercial HVAC System Performance certification exam.


Commercial System Performance with Certification Program Pricing

Nonmember Price: $750
SCE Contractor Price: $100*

*This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edison's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility

Upcoming Training Events:

Commercial HVAC System Performance - SCE

Dec 04 thru Dec 05 Tulare CA
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