Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Online Live Training

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Online Live

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Want to add $2,000 to $3,000 to every residential installation at incredible 60 to 70% gross profit margins?







Get in on the ground floor and offer HVAC Performance Solutions that work with NCI’s simple Air Upgrade approach!

Intended for HVAC contracting firm owners, managers, and technicians, this class provides technical training on performing static pressure testing, how to properly install static pressure test ports, and how to measure and interpret static pressures.

Learn how to:

  • Identify Fan Type and Fan Speed
  • Locate Fan Tables and Plot Fan Airflow
  • Diagnose and Perform Air Upgrades on HVAC equipment and duct systems
  • And much more...

This class can be taken by qualified HVAC professionals. The training also qualifies for recertification in one of the following NCI Residential Air-side Certifications:

  • Residential System Performance
  • Duct System Optimization
  • Residential Air Balancing.

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Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Online Live Program Overview

Day 1

Module One - Online Training - Introduction and Webinar Logistics
  • Introductions with moderator and trainer
  • Go to Webinar instructions and control panels
  • How to submit questions
  • How to answer polls and fill in the blank questions
  • Pre-training knowledge check
Module Two – The Air Upgrade Approach
  • The state of the typical system
  • Common issues with high static pressure and low fan airflow
  • The importance of diagnostic testing
  • What an Air Upgrade looks like from start to finish
Module Three - Introduction to Static Pressure
  • Static pressure and how it works
  • How static pressure affects fan motors
  • Static pressure test instruments
  • How to gather required nameplate information
  • Where to install static pressure test ports
Module Four - Measure and Interpret Static Pressure – External Coils
  • Hands-on demonstration
  • Static pressure test calculations and examples
  • Total external static pressure
  • Filter and coil pressure drop
  • Duct system pressures
  • Static pressure budgets for diagnostics

Day 2

Module Five - Measure and Interpret Static Pressure – Internal Coils
  • Hands-on demonstration
  • Static pressure test calculations and examples
  • Total external static pressure
  • Filter and coil pressure drop
  • Duct system pressures
  • Static pressure budgets for diagnostics
  • How to involve customers in testing
  • How to discuss test results
Module Six - Fundamentals of Fan Airflow
  • Three airflow rules
  • How a fan operates
  • Interpret fan tonnage from the model number
  • Determine required cooling airflow
  • How altitude and temperature affect airflow
Module Seven - Plotting Fan Airflow
  • Introduction to fan performance tables
  • Five steps to plot fan airflow
  • Determine percent of required fan airflow
  • Discussing fan airflow with customers
Module Eight - Completing an Air Upgrade Project
  • A typical air upgrade project
  • NCI Duct Sizing Tables
  • Creating a scope of work
  • Next steps

Who should attend?

Owners, Senior Managers, Sales Consultants, Service Technicians, Installation Mechanics

Participant Recertification Requirements:

In order to meet recertification requirements, you must attend all training modules in their entirety. You must also respond to a minimum of 75% of questions asked throughout each 4-hour segment. Participant attention will also be closely monitored. A participant who intentionally logs off or stops paying attention during the class may be disqualified from earning NCI recertification CEUs.

The class should be taken on a desktop PC, Mac, Laptop, or large tablet to ensure you can properly view the presentation slides and the instructor.

Important Notice about CEUs for State Licensing, NATE and BPI Recertifications

These classes are approved for NATE CEUs. We are in the process of requesting the classes qualify for Continuing Education for BPI and state licensing, but due to the current pandemic, it is taking longer than usual for responses from these organizations. While we cannot guarantee that the classes will earn state and BPI CEUs, we will do everything we can to make them available as soon as possible and ask that they are made retroactive for training in this new program.

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Online Live Training

Online Live Recertification Class Nonmember Price: $495 $50*
Includes printed workbook and Field Reference Guide.  For recertifying participants only: Includes new certificate and wallet card.

*This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edison's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility.

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