Explore HVAC Field Performance Online Live

Explore HVAC Field Performance Online Live

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Solve Hidden Airflow Problems

It’s a known fact that typical air distribution systems lose an average of 43% of their efficiency because of poor air distribution. Your customers don’t have to live with these substandard systems. Now you can offer real solutions to provide the very best comfort, energy efficiency, and a safe and healthy indoor environment.

It all starts with a well-functioning air distribution system. Static pressure is the foundation of air distribution diagnostics and repair.

In this two hour class, you will learn how to measure and interpret Total External Static Pressure (TESP) and start on the path to under-standing fan airflow and solving hidden airflow problems.

Learn how to:

  • Measure Total External Static Pressure (TESP)
  • Understand the tools for the testing & the AirMaxx™ app
  • Diagnose using Total External Static Pressure (TESP)
  • Teach customers what the test means to them
  • Learn about next steps in your airflow & performance education

Who should attend?

HVAC Contractors, Service Techs, Installers, Salespeople, and Managers

Explore HVAC Field Performance Online Live Overview

  • Section One - Introduction to Air Diagnostics
  • Section Two - Testing required measure TESP & interpret airflow
  • Section Three - Learn to use the free NCI AirMaxx Lite App (iOS and Android Phones)
  • Section Four - Additional Educational Opportunities

Explore HVAC Field Performance Online Live

SCE Contractor Price: $95 $15*

*This special pricing is available exclusively for HVAC personnel, including facilities technicians, engineers,  HVAC and building performance contractors and their employees who service SCE customers. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility.