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Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Online Recertification

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8 hours – two, 4-hour sessions over two days.

Each session consists of four 50-minute blocks with 10-minute breaks.

Successful completion of this class qualifies the student for a two-year recertification in:

  • Combustion and CO Analyst


You must be are already NCI certified to be able to attend NCI Online recertification classes, which will be available for a limited time. All registrations will be verified prior to admission.

Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Online Recertification Agenda

Day 1

Module One - NCI Online Recertification Course Introduction
  • Welcome and course orientation
  • Easy to use GoToWebinar and its control panel
  • How to submit questions and participate in online interaction
  • Recertification application. Training evaluations and commitments.
  • Pre-training knowledge check
Module Two – Combustion Safety Testing Protocol
  • Top Reasons to Use CO in Combustion Diagnostics
  • Complete List of CO Levels
  • CO Visual Inspection Checklist
  • CO "Air-Free" and CO "As-Measured"
  • Initial Pre-Inspection Overview
  • Equipment Testing and NCI CO Levels
  • Red Tag Procedures
  • Where Carbon Monoxide Can Be Found Has Been Reported
  • CO Low-Level Monitors and Alarms
Module Three - Temperature Diagnostics and Repairs Part 2
  • Problems at Light-off
  • More About Burner Angle Adjustments
  • Burner Flame Alignment
  • Combustion Test Reports
  • Problems at Light-off – Example
  • Fuel Problems – Run Cycle
  • LHV and HHV
  • Overfired and Underfired Drafthood Equipment
  • Dirt, Alignment, and Mechanical
  • Problems at Shutdown
Module Four - Combustion Air Problems
  • The Function of Flue and Draft
  • Three Flue Misconceptions
  • Low Draft Problems – Combustion Air
  • Problems During Run Cycle – Combustion Air
  • Low Draft Problems – Not Combustion Air
  • Draft Interference and Functional Flue Test

Day 2

Module Five - Venting Problems
  • Poor Venting – High Draft
  • Multiple Drafthood Relief Affect
  • Condensing Furnace Venting Problems
  • Problems During Run Cycle – Venting
Module Six - Combustion Diagnostics Refresher
  • Flue Temperature Ranges
  • Combustion Diagnostic Chart
  • Summary Combustion Sheet
  • Required Heating System Airflow
  • Combustion Procedures and Reports
  • Water Heater Exercises
Module Seven - Combustion Diagnostic Exercises / Induced Draft and Condensing Furnaces
  • Combustion Procedure – Induced Draft
  • Induced Draft Furnace Exercises
  • Combustion Procedure – Condensing
  • Condensing Furnace Exercises
  • Two-Stage Condensing Furnace Procedure
  • Two-Stage Condensing Furnace Exercise
Module Eight - Combustion Diagnostic Exercises / Natural Draft Furnaces and Boilers
  • Combustion Procedure – Natural Draft Furnace
  • Natural Draft Furnace Exercised
  • Natural Draft Boiler Combustion Procedure
  • Natural Draft Boiler Combustion Exercises

Participant Recertification Requirements:

In order to meet recertification requirements, you must attend all training modules in their entirety. You must also respond to a minimum of 75% of questions asked throughout each 4-hour segment. Participant attention will also be closely monitored. A participant who intentionally logs off or stops paying attention during the class may be disqualified from earning NCI recertification CEUs.

The class should be taken on a desktop PC, Mac, Laptop, or large tablet to ensure you can properly view the presentation slides and the instructor.

Important Notice about CEUs for State Licensing, NATE and BPI Recertifications

These classes are approved for NATE CEUs. We are in the process of requesting the classes qualify for Continuing Education for BPI and state licensing, but due to the current pandemic, it is taking longer than usual for responses from these organizations. While we cannot guarantee that the classes will earn state and BPI CEUs, we will do everything we can to make them available as soon as possible and ask that they are made retroactive for training in this new program.

Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Online Recertification

Special Contractor Price Co-Sponsored by Southtern California Edison: $465 $50*
Includes New Certificate and Wallet Card, Printed Workbook, and Field Reference Guide.

**This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edisons's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility.

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