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Performance-Based Selling™ Online Live Class

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Invest in these four, 4-hour sessions over four days in learning a revolutionary sales process that will help you achieve the business results you've always dreamed about. This class is the first step in creating a high-performance sales team with better closing rates and delighted customers.

NCI's Performance-Based Selling Online Live training provides detailed instruction and tools based on our simplified Performance-Based Selling process which consists of five major steps:

  1. Create a great first impression and excellent rapport
  2. Identify opportunities to solve customer safety, health, comfort, and efficiency concerns
  3. Assess system requirements and performance through observation and measurement
  4. Present observations and recommendations in a non-technical way
  5. Gain commitment to proceed and initiate the job!

You will also be introduced to simple diagnostic tools and learn how to sell flat-rate "Air Upgrades" that will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors in your market.

Learn NCI's unique step-by-step selling process that will help you change the game forever!

What will Performance-Based Selling do for your company?

When your team understands how to apply the principles taught in this course, you'll be rewarded with improved year-round lead generation, better closing rates, higher average sales, increased referrals, and much more.

In addition to getting a thorough education on the Performance-Based Selling process, you'll be exposed to HVAC system performance testing methods that NCI-trained contractors use to earn double-digit net profits:

  • Offer solutions that your competition cannot
  • Change the game from selling to teaching
  • Educate your customers – they will become your competitors' worst nightmare!
  • Increase sales by adding high-margin system upgrades to every project
  • Graduate from box-changer to Problem-Solver
  • Move from talking about equipment efficiency to delivering true, measured efficiency
  • Differentiate your company and grow your business profitably

Performance-Based Selling Program Overview

Day 1 - Getting Started

  • Module One - Class Overview, Objectives & Introductions
  • Module Two - Pre-Class Entrance Exam Review
  • Module Three - Performance-Based Foundations
  • Module Four - Performance-Based Sales Call Demo

Day 2 - High-Performance Building Blocks

  • Module Five - Performance-Based Sales Call Structure
  • Module Six - Building a Performance-Based Team
  • Module Seven - Performance-Based Selling Tool Kit
  • Module Eight - Performance-Based Sales Approach

Day 3 - Planned Sales Process

  • Module Nine - First Impressions, Rapport & Trust
  • Module Ten - Determine Customer Requirements
  • Module Eleven - Determine Technical Requirements
  • Module Twelve - Present Findings & Recommendations

Day 4 - Applying the Process

  • Module Thirteen - Gain Commitment To Proceed
  • Module Fourteen - Putting It All Together
  • Module Fifteen - Practicing the Sales Process
  • Module Sixteen - Making It Happen Back at the Shop

Performance-Based Selling™

Special Contractor Price Sponsored by Southern California Edison: $985 $100*

Includes class workbook

*This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edisons's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility.

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